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  • MasterNode Statistic
  • Download PirateCash core from GitHub, Prepare wallet
  • Exchange to PirateCash, transfer to your wallet, then pay yourself EXACTLY 10 000 PIRATE
  • Create a Linux Droplet
  • Connect to Droplet via PuTTY for Windows/Terminal for Mac
  • Edit masternode configuration file's

Download PirateCash core from GitHub, Prepare wallet

  • Unzip PirateCash Core file to the location of your choice. You will run the wallet from this location.
  • Encrypt your wallet: Settings -> Encrypt Wallet. Choose a password. Write it down. Restart your wallet.
  • Backup Wallet: File -> Backup Wallet

Exchange anycoin to 10 000 PIRATE

Exchange a minimum of 10 001 PIRATE.

You need an address with EXACTLY 10 000 for a Masternode.

NOTE: You’re exchanging more because:

  • Exchanges charge you for withdrawals
  • When you send 10 000 PIRATE to yourself there is a small transaction fee.
  • Create a receiving address: Receive -> New address Send PIRATE from exchange to your wallet.
  • Create an additional address for your PirateCash: Receive -> New address, label this address mn1
  • Copy this address, Click Send tab, paste address on the “Pay To:” line.
  • Type 10000 in the Amount: field. Click Send

Create a Linux droplet on DigitalOcean

  • Register for an account, create new “droplet” – Digital Ocean’s term
  • Select Ubuntu 18.04 x64
  • Select 1 GB/1vCPU – sufficient and only $5/month
  • Select any datacenter region you like. Create!
  • Write down your droplet IP address
  • Check your email for initial VPS root password

Access to your droplet

Access VPS via PuTTY – this will allow you to copy and paste commands to your VPS. The web console will not. Mac users can use Terminal. Launchpad -> Search -> Terminal -> Type: ssh root@IP

  • Download and install PuTTY
  • Default settings are fine. Type IP address in Host box, Type a name your session, click Save for easy future access. Click Open to connect.
  • Login as root. Find DigitalOcean email with default password. Copy and paste your password. You can paste in PuTTY with a right mouse click. NOTE: when pasted, your password will be INVISIBLE. Just hit enter.
  • Upon first login you will be prompted to choose a new password. Write it down.

Create a Swap File:

fallocate -l 1G /swapfile
chmod 600 /swapfile
mkswap /swapfile
swapon /swapfile
echo "/swapfile none swap sw 0 0" >> /etc/fstab

Masternode configuration file setup

  • Enter RPC console: Help -> Debug window –> Console
  • Type: masternode genkey
  • Goto to Droplet and please Download archive
    bzip2 -dc piratecash.tar.bz2 | tar -x

  • Create directory mkdir ~/.piratecash
  • Create file ~/.piratecash/piratecash.conf with following content:

  • Start daemon: ./piratecashd
  • Goto back to your Core application and Type: masternode outputs
  • If you properly sent 10000 PIRATE to yourself you will see a long string of numbers, this is your transaction ID, followed by the index number. Copy and paste this to a temporary text file.
  • Click Masternodes -> My Master Nodes
  • Click Create
  • Please fill following fields:
    Alias: mn1,
    PrivKey: 7q1rFa11n3SeunvjgFbLBVXbtac9wzaPZogCz87Vgq8z5P7oQUy (from masternode genkey),
    TxHash: da2139671a3bb9acf4132d472b6b403cf3591de83460dad8228d43a6048b54d5 (from masternode outputs),
    Output index: 1 (from masternode outputs)
  • Click Create
  • Click Update
  • Goto Settings->unlock wallet->"remove for staking only", put your password and press "Ok"
  • Select your masternode and click "Start"
  • Lock input:
    Please add line into piratecash.conf:

Congratulations, you’re about to start making some coin. Welcome to PirateCash.